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Ultra Care Programme 

A totally new service from us providing a new level of car valeting care in Sussex. We valet & maintain your second most expensive possession- your car each and every week/2 weeks/3 weeks/4 weeks/monthly for a fixed cost, we keep comprehensive records (like a service sheet record) of everything done on your car enabling you to focus on more important things in life.

You don't expect to have to tell other professionals what to do, they would do what needs doing and then charge you for it! You get this level of professionalism and service, but with a fixed cost with our new Ultra Care Programme. You know what the cost will be before we get there and you know when we leave nothing will need doing!

The fixed price cost of this service is 40.00 per Visit enabling you to budget your car care for the entire year. This can be paid by either credit or debit card using the button below. Maintaining the value of your car without you having to think about it!

No more invoices, no more scratching around for cash because you forgot we were coming - just the simple life!

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